Using Page Variables in Javascript

Using page variables.

You can set page variables to be used in user segmentation (interaction campaigns only) or to include their values into the templates content.

window._vteq.push(["setVar", "variableName", value]);

You can use this value afterwards into campaign content like: **|vars.variableName|**

There are some reserved Variable Names, already in the list of variables. You can overwrite their values

cartItems -> containing the number of items in the cart (integer)

cartValue -> the total value of the cart (integer/float)

random -> random number between 0 and 100

itemId -> on product pages, itemId is the one sent to our system along with viewitem, addtocart, addtowishlist

category -> on category pages, one sent along with the viewcategory event

query -> on search page, the search term entered by user

pageType -> automatically added by us. Can be any of the following: search, category, product, checkout, confirmation

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