Understanding activity segmentation

Segmentation can be done based on user profile attributes and user activity. Here we will talk about user activity.

Activity is defined by the actions your users do on your website and events created based on campaigns and their online behaviour.

Site events examples:

  • view product page, add to cart, add to wishlist
  • view category page, search
  • view checkout, confirm an order
  • visit from referrer

Email events:

  • open or click an email
  • received an email, or hard bounce from an email that was sent.
  • clicked spam or unsubscribed.

Segmentation allows you to select a suite of these kind of events and to specify a time period for them. You can also select users who did or did not an event.

Each event has a specific set of attributes, unique to it. For more details on how to create conditions of these attributes, please check our User segmentation article.

Examples of activity segmentation

  • Users who bought from a specific category
  • Users who added to cart a specific product
  • Users who did search on your website within the last 7 days
  • Users who received an email from a specific email

… or all the above with a negation.

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