The interaction editor

Our app is offering you the possibility to create on site interactions which you can edit by using the Interaction Editor.

Choose the interaction type

Once you created a campaign, you will have to choose between 4 options based on your objective: you can choose an email collector template, a display product template or a static one. If you don’t want any of them, you can create your own template in HTML.

Choose a predefined template

For each of the option mentioned above there is a list of predefined templates from which you can choose one.

The interaction editor

For the gallery templates and the ones what respect the interaction editor format, you have the possibility to edit the content. The editing process is similar to the one from the email interaction, the only difference is that you can’t add content blocks.


HTML editing

In case you want to edit the HTML code, you can do this by clicking the CODE button from the upper left of the pop up.


On the upper right side of the interaction editor you will find 3 buttons which you can use to preview your campaign on mobile, tablet and desktop(feature not updated, might not display an accurate version). Next to them is a button which will delete/reset all the content from the interaction and begin a new one from zero.


Also in the right side you have the option to select the state of the interaction that you want to edit – this means you can edit how the pop up will look before or after the user interacts with it – and you can set some attributes if you need.


The editing of an email collector


The editing of an image is made by clicking the space dedicated to images. A pop-up will show up and from here you can upload your own images, enter an URL and set their size.


The editing of the text is made by clicking the “Edit text” button. Once you click the button, a pop-up will show up and from here you can edit your text by using the existing options or you can edit it in HTML by clicking the “</>” button.


The editing of buttons is made by clicking the button itself. A pop-up will show up and from here you can give it a name  and set an attribute if it’s necessary.  For example, if you want to create two buttons, one for women and one for men, you can choose the Custom gender attribute and set the attribute value as woman/man.


Current state is referring to the actual state of the email collector, and next state is referring to the state of the pop-up after the user clicks the button.

After you finish editing, you can see the way the interaction will look on your site by clicking the PREVIEW button from CONTENT.


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