How to auto generate product feed from event data

Our system is able to generate product feed and reuse it across the services using event data. By default we cater to ecommerce companies, although this works with any kind of data feed (for example blog posts).

Default attributes our system is automatically able to work with:

  • idInShop
  • url
  • title
  • stock
  • main
  • image
  • price
  • discountPrice
  • category

Where the bold ones are always required.

If you do not have a product feed according to our documentation you will be able to generate this feed from sending data along with the events.

Events considered for reading data, when you enable auto feed generation:

  • viewitem, addtocart, addtowishlist when there is an item object sent along with their data

_vteq.push({"viewitem":{"itemId":"r3dd", "item":{"title": "Example item", "idInShop":"r3dd", "url":""}}})