How to add Subscription Form to Facebook Page

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In this article we will show you how to increase your list size by adding a subscription form to your Facebook Page.

Things to know

Before you begin this process, this is a short overview of what you can accomplish.

  • You’ll need to have already at least one Facebook Page before you can add signup forms to any of them.
  • You need to be an admin of those Pages and to be able to connect through your Facebook Profile.
  • You can place a single signup form to a Facebook Page.
  • Read more about Pages and Profiles.
  • Signup forms only appear on the desktop version of Facebook, and aren’t accessible from Facebook’s mobile app.
  • Signup forms have their own Tab on your Facebook Page. If you have a lot of tabs, you may want to reorder them to make Signup Tab more visible.
  • The Facebook subscription form is the one hosted by our system.
  • If you want to edit or translate texts on this page, you need to go do this from Setup Pages.
  • When you remove a signup form tab, it gets removed from your Facebook Page, but does not disconnect our app.
  • Our app has a generic name: VTMarketing, which is used across all our external integrations.

How to add a Newsletter Form to Your Facebook Page

To add an email signup form to your Facebook Page, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Setup -> Integrations
  3. Click “Connect with Facebook” and give VTMarketing app permissions to manage your pages.
  4. From the list of pages click the one you want to add the sign up form to.
  5. Choose enable under Use signup form tab to activate the signup form tab on the Facebook Page.
  6. Assign a name for your tab in the Tab title field. Your subscribers will see this text at tab title. Clicking it will display the subscription form.
  7. Click Update Tab after you make changes.


Remove a Signup Form

To remove our signup form from your Facebook Page, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your your account.
  2. Go to Setup -> Integrations
  3. Choose the Facebook Page you want the Tab to be removed from.
  4. Point Enable Tab option to no.
  5. Click Update Tab.

After you save and refresh your Facebook Page, the signup form tab should disappear.

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