Email visual editor

Our app is offering you the possibility to personalize your campaign’s content in a fast and easy way by using the drag&drop move.

The body of an email is made of horizontal content blocks which you can edit, delete and reorder.

The block buttons

1 – Move element: the button helps you to reorder the content blocks

2 – Background Color – you can edit the background color of the content block

3 – Hide element – it helps you see how the email would look without a particular content block by making it invisible before you delete it. After clicking the button, a new one will appear through which you can delete the content block

4 – Duplicate element – it creates a copy of particular content block

How to edit the content blocks

Image editing: The editing of an image from a content block is made by clicking the space dedicated to images. A pop-up will show up and from here you can upload your own images, enter an URL and set their size.

Text editing: The editing of the text from a content block is made by clicking the “Edit text” button. Once you click the button, a pop-up will show up and from here you can edit your text by using the existing options or you can edit it in HTML by clicking the “</>” button.

Button editing: The editing of buttons is made by clicking the button itself. A pop-up will show up and from here you can enter an URL and edit the button in HTML.

Products editing: You can edit the products within the content block either manually or by choosing the right algorithms depending on the email. You can find more details here.

On the right side of the desktop you will find 3 menus which will help you in the editing process: Items, General and Tags.

ITEMS Menu includes a series of sections which you can add in you email, from logo, horizontal or vertical arranged products to footer.


The TWO/THREE PRODUCTS section offers you the possibility to set your newsletter products manually while the TWO/THREE RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS section gives you the possibility to set an algorithm which will automatically add products to your newsletter.

GENERAL Menu is recommended for those who want to edit some design elements such as colors or size.

TAGS Menu includes dynamic tags about the user and his activity which you can use in order to personalize your emails. The most important tags are Preview and Unsubscribe, considering that every email should have an unsubscribe option.

The Predefined Sets button, which you can find on the down and right side of the desktop, offers you some predefined templates of emails designed for different purposes (….)

Reset content

When you need to delete all the content from the email and begin a new one, on the right side you have the following button:



If you are curious about how your email will look and mobile, tablet or desktop, you have a few buttons dedicated for previews on the upper right side of the desktop.


For a more advanced preview, including user and event data, please read how to preview emails.

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