Content & Tags for Push Notification templates

Push notifications templates have only a few fields that can be edited:

  • title* – up to 40 characters
  • content* – limited to 250 characters
  • image – needs to be loaded over https
  • url

The length of title and content varies a lot depending on the device and operating system version. We’ve set the limit to 40/250 in order to match the vast majority of them.

Title and content can include dynamic tags, which will be replaced with the piece of information about user, event or products.

You include product.url as tag in the url field, either alone or make sure it’s a valid URL.

Also, icon can use product.image tag to be replaced by product image.

Note that product images smaller than 192px * 192px are ignored and won’t be displayed.


Blast Push campaigns

Blast Push campaigns are sent to your entire subscribers list, after being processed only once.

The only accepted tags are product tags, which will not be user dependent, based on some limited algorithms.

Transactional Push Campaigns

You can use event tags for transactional campaigns, based on the event that triggered the campaign.

Also all user tags can be user here.

Recurring Push Campaigns

Recurring Campaigns are processed for each user, so you can have user tags and product tags into their templates.

No event tags available, because those campaigns are not triggered by any event.

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