Updates July 2022

Hello everyone, Here are our updates for the last 30 days: Access to the last 12 months account activity: messages sent and onsite activity Push blast campaigns are incorporated in the other campaign types: recurring, newsletter or transactional Content Campaigns: allow for more customization to embed new personalized html Onsite […]

How to add JS Pixel to Shopify checkout

This page is obsolete. The script tag is added automatically by using our standard integration. Go to your store settings (bottom left of the screen): Choose Checkout and accounts tab and look for the input section below. Copy your integration code to this section (if there are any others scripts, […]

How to enable or disable specific campaign types?

By default not all campaign types are enabled. Based on each agency settings or usage of campaign types (for example you don’t use product recommendations onsite) you can disable them so they won’t show up for specific accounts. To do so, just go to Edit > Account and select which […]

First steps with our Platform.

You’ve decided to try out our marketing automation platform. First of all, thank you. We add here an overview of the steps you need before you can start working with campaigns. Not all of them are mandatory, it really depends of what you need to achieve with us. Website Integration […]

Get started with Automation Campaigns

We are structuring this guide by goals. Based on those goals you can create different types of campaigns. First please make sure you got through What can you do with our Marketing Automation solution to understand the high-level possibilities you have. After going through First steps with our platform you […]

Send your first Text message

To start sending Text messages you will need to: Get an account to our of our external SMS providers. Add credentials to Settings > External Accounts Create any campaign (newsletter, recurring or transactional) with the Text channel. Select one of the SMS providers you added (if more than 1). If […]

When are inactive accounts disabled?

Having inactive accounts is bad for the agency, is bad for the system and also for the account owner itself because they loose opportunities. Our system automatically detects disables and completely removes inactive accounts. The way it works is the following: Accounts get disabled: if no events are received for […]

How are visitors identified on the website?

We identify users using a couple of methods. It always depends on your account configuration (settings you can change) but also on the instance/agency configuration you inherit. The most important are: subscribing to newsletter on your website, either in one of the forms you already have or using our email […]

How to preview or test Push Notifications

You can preview and push notification the same way you do with emails. Remember that preview allows you to view what the content will be. This doesn’t mean the user will receive the push message because of various reasons: User you selected is not subscribed to push Push token is […]