About catalogue reports

Catalogue reports are created based on events and product data. We do the following reports, focused on items and categories: top viewed items top added to cart items top wishlisted items most purchased items Also there is a report showing you the most searched terms on your website. Note that […]

E-commerce activity reports

If you have your account configured to show ecommerce reports, you will have available special reports related to carts, purchases, totals and assisted values for those. Assisted carts and purchases are considered when the visitor interacted with any of the campaigns prior to the confirmation event. Page report example. How […]

How to auto generate product feed from event data

Our system is able to generate product feed and reuse it across the services using event data. By default we cater to ecommerce companies, although this works with any kind of data feed (for example blog posts). Default attributes our system is automatically able to work with: idInShop url title […]

Cross sell after purchase

Our app is offering the option to copy from gallery a campaign content created by us for the campaign you want to use. The cross sell after purchase campaign is a transactional one because it is send to each user based on his activity. Once you create the campaign, you have […]

How to disable click tracking on an email link?

By default, for HTML content, click-tracking applies to all links found in  <a> tags. You can disable click-tracking on individual links, simply by adding a new parameter to the link tag, disable-tracking. This will leave the URL as is, and can be useful for dynamic generated links. Link example: <a […]

How to limit campaigns availability (running period)

You can allow campaigns to run within a certain period only. This option is available for: transactional, recurring, workflow and interaction campaigns. Under Advanced tab you will find the following configuration. If you want to be notified by email when a campaign starts and end you can allow the notification […]

Invoice create, send & auto-payments

When an invoice is created, manual or automated for one of your customers, it gets a status “draft” . To make it visible under each account billing section, in order to be paid, you need to send it. This action will update the status to “sent” and will be visible […]

Add New Custom Event type into the system

New Generic/Custom event This will work like any other event that is standard in our system. It only needs to respect a few conditions. You must provide a name for the event (event_name) and it can be used later in segmentation. Event name will be: lower-cased all spaces replaced with […]

Common site events

There are 3 site events to track users’ activity, that are not “ecommerce” specific: Referer Used to track users coming from referring websites. Those can be used in segmentations like: users coming from Facebook … (and add more events to subsegment later) _vteq.push({“referer”:{“url”:”http://facebook.com/your-page.html”}}) Pageview Used to track generic site pages, […]

How to duplicate campaign content

A/B test is the best way to improve your marketing efforts. In order to do so, you will need to have at least two variants of content, and see which one performs better. The easiest way to start an A/B test for any of our campaigns is to duplicate first […]